Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Sophie Conran

You all know Terence Conran, right? Designer, restaurateur, and founder of Habitat. His daughter, Sophie Conran, has also a lot going for her. Her beautiful home was recently featured in Norwegian Elle Deco, which is how I kind of "found" her. Her website is lovely, and there are some tempting recipes there.


  1. Thank you for mentioning Sophie Conran. I had not heard of her but I did visit her website.

    Her press page has PDF documents of articles with photos of her home!

    wonderful inspiration!

  2. Hi! I love habitat! But I also had not heard of her. Must visit her website!

  3. Thanks for the interesting info and link to her website. Her home is amazing!

  4. I have met Sophie Conran earlier this year. She was very smart and rather pretty! She was launching a giftware collection in Birmingham.

  5. what a great find! i love habitat and spend hours in the habitat stores in hamburg last weekend lusting for the spindle lamp :)



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