Friday, 26 October 2007

Thomas O'Brien

Today I have fallen in love with Thomas O'Brien (via Design*Sponge).

Friday Flickr Favorites: Birch trees (and Jördis and other whiteish trees) are so photogenic: untitled - Birch Trees 2 - birken - Spring - Den fula skogen - winter imsielbecker moor - untitled - Birch and lichen 3 - in the bacground - untitled - timber - Winter sun

I'm off to buy a cake. It's Sølve's birthday today.
Have a great weekend guys!


  1. Happy birthday to Sølve! It's not often I find someone who has the same birthdate :)

  2. happy birthday to solve! i love thomas o'brien, too. do you have the "target" discount stores in your area? they sell o'brien's furniture and accessories a really affordable price. ( xoxo

  3. Sølve says thanks.

    I googled O'Brien and found his furniture at Target. Great stuff, but we don't have Target in Norway at all :-(

  4. Michelle Arcila20 June 2009 at 17:55

    Hi! I am actually Thomas O'Brien's personal assistant.



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