Wednesday, 10 October 2007

girly long johns

It's been some cold autumn days lately and I have woken up in the morning with an ice cold nose (I always sleep with the window open). I guess it's time to start wearing wool.

Speaking of wool. Looking for good looking, girly long johns? Take a look at this website: Kari Traa. Kari Traa is a Norwegian mogul skier from Voss, who has launched a sport clothing line. There's even a web shop!

Haltenbanken has done a lot of fabulous work for Kari Traa, including the shop interior (together with interior architect Ørjan Djønne). See more photos on their website.


  1. I love these photos -nice find and they have a lot of character.

  2. I, too, used to always sleep with the widow open, though not anymore.
    Enjoy those cool Autumn days, g



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