Friday, 19 October 2007

THE front page

Have you heard of the Norwegian band Turbonegro? The band's vocalist Hans Erik Husby, aka Hank von Helvete (meaning Hank from Hell) is on the front page of no magazine's newest issue. What do you think? I love it!

Take a look inside the magazine, and you will find me presented as one of the magazine's contributors. Oh! The shameless self promotion! ;-)

There will be a new international issue of no magazine coming out before Christmas. I'll let you know when it's out.

Last Friday I showed you photos I like of people sleeping, this week I will should you my Flickr favorites of empty beds.
rest - wyken - bed - untitled - 302.jpg - morning sun - vera pillows - keegan's bed - homage to eshu - morning 2 - DSC00605 - Morning - untitled - fresh - Det aller helligste IV - brightness - winter light

I'm off for a roadtrip for a couple of days. See you again next week.


  1. cools beds, I recognise one of them! have a great road trip.

  2. have a great road trip! the bed photos are wonderful, and congrats on contributing to that mag! very cool. megxx

  3. Nothing like a hefty hirsute guy with tatts! I like it.

  4. looks like a great mag! I'm excited to hear about an international issue. Thanks for including me in your fav photos!

  5. Great cover... and hope your road trip proved adventurous.
    see you, g

  6. yeah! turbonegro! we like them, of course ;-)

  7. Looks a great magazine. One of my major inspirations over the last few months. I hope to get hold of a copy myself one day... :)



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