Friday, 12 October 2007


I love festvimpler! I don't know the word for "festvimpler" in English, but you know what I'm talking about when you see the photos above, right? I want to buy some, but these that I found at the Danish web shop Design Delicatessen are beautiful but a bit pricey (ca NOK 400/ca $76/ca £37/€53 including shipping). Does any of you know a place online where I can buy festvimpler?

Today is Friday (already?!) and here are my Flickr Favorites for the day. I like photos of sleeping people: day 2 of motherhood - Sleeping chefs in Shanghai - sloth - harbor seal rob. - nataliandyael - untitled - Sun on Sunday - untitled - untitled - asleep on the sofa


  1. don't know why but that stream of photos of people sleeping just made me cry. They were so beautiful, so vulnerable/human.

    Lovely selections...have a great weekend

  2. great photos- so happy and I don't think yuo need a word in english to describe. the pics are enough!

  3. I agree - you don't need the word in English for such bright beauty but it's one of my favourites - 'bunting'!

  4. I did a search on Etsy, you can use Bunting/Garland or Party Flags (hope you find something you like). Have a lovely weekend!

  5. very cute festvimplers! so colorful.

  6. Astrid, I think you could totally make festvimpler at home! Many fabric shops sell little pagackes of "extra" fabric for very cheaply, so you could get a lot of different patterns that way. Then you could cut out triangles and sew them to a ribbon or a piece of bias tape. I'm sure that would cost less than 10 EUR and it would probably be loads of fun as well.



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