Wednesday, 19 September 2007

lovely Croatia

Just a quick note to tell you I (finally) uploaded the last photo from my 10 days holiday in Croatia. If you are curious to see them all, take a look at the Croatia 2007 set. All the photos are there, in chronological order and with describing tags. I'm an organized girl I tell you! Hope I didn't bore you too much with my holiday (snap)shots. Now my mind and photography is set on different things.

The photo above is from our favorite restaurant in Milna on the island of Hvar. While I type this, I'm enjoying a delicious red wine from the same island - Zlatan Plavac - and listening to the fire burning in the fireplace. Autumn is definitely here.


  1. your vacation and your day today sound lovely! happy autumn!

  2. your photos are beautiful! definitely not boring at all. amazing! wish i could go there. :)

  3. I was watching this last night - he was in Hvar and it reminded me of your great shots.

  4. Thanks for stopping by girls :-)

    Michael Palin is good. Must have been a great program.



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