Friday, 21 September 2007

festivity and balloons

I'm in a festive mood today. We are having a dinner party tonight.

My day started at about 8 am with the apartment being filled with the lovely smell of rosemary, garlic and mustard. Sølve was preparing two legs of lam for the dinner tonight. Yesterday he prepared the base for the fish soup that we are having as a starter. It will be so perfect with the Alsace he bought. After a slow breakfast and some tidying and cleaning, I made chocolate mousse for dessert. Recipe here. It's going to be a great start of the weekend :-)

Autumn is lam season, which reminds me of this that I found over at simply photo earlier today. Seasonal eating is a good thing.

Today's Friday Flickr Favorites are all about festivity - I love balloons!

party time - untitled - 4th Birthday - goodnight - cheo's party - trapped - balloon - the wedding party - balloons - party trace

1 comment:

  1. have a great dinner party! i love roast lamb myself... can't wait to make one now that i have a rosemary plant.



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