Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Travel thoughts

It was hard to concentrate on work Monday, no doubt about that. It was better yesterday, and I suppose it will be even better today. I've already got several new commissions, so I really can't be lazy or mentally on holiday anymore. Still I'm thinking of traveling. I love traveling (who doesn't?), but I haven't traveled so much over the last couple of years as I wish I had (instead Sølve and I have been busy rebuilding too many apartments).

I've uploaded some photos to Flickr from our first day of the holiday. Sølve and I haven't been on a real holiday together since the last time we were in Croatia, three years ago, so we decided to splash out on accommodation the first night. We booked a room at the five star hotel Grand Villa Argentina. There were fresh flowers in the bathroom (top photo) and a pool boy handing out towels by the private hotel pool and bathing area. The location was spectacular - overlooking the sea and the old town of Dubrovnik.

I like splashing out like this once in a while. But then again, staying in hotels like this is a bit impersonal. In Croatia it's very common with private accommodation. It's cheap and really something different than a hotel. Some apartments are obviously holiday homes, it doesn't seem like anybody live there. But other apartments or rooms are really people's homes. Like the charming, cute little place we stayed at on the island Vis (bottom photo). It was an old lady's home. She didn't speak a word English, but that didn't keep her from talking to us - a lot. We smiled an nodded. I don't think there were any big misunderstandings. There were no air condition, photos of her grandchildren on the walls, and she even changed the table cloth for us. Maybe the first one wasn't good enough?

So, I think, when traveling I like a bit of both; the (expensive) luxury and the very personal experience. How about you?


  1. when i travel, i like to "live" with the locals by renting apartments in the funky part of town and exploring mostly on foot while staying away from the major tourist sites/restaurants. getting out into nature but staying off of the beaten path...

    i have been traveling so much this year that i find myself craving an "all-inclusive" - something i have yet to experience.

  2. hello astrid! welcome back!

    as for me it all depends if i am travelling solo or with my boy. if i'm solo i don't mind staying in hostels which might have a private room... however i prefer staying in a nice hotel with all the luxuries and comforts when travelling together.

    i am super excited - i've finally confirmed my ticket to visit my sister in london... which will see me stopping in helsinki where i'll spend a day and then travel over to norway. hopefully we can meet up! it'll be in late november... cannot wait!

  3. lovely photographs...as always. i wish i could travel more!

  4. Well, I'm a student, so I'm afraid it's always the "personal experience" for me.

    Actually, I think I like that-- of course I wouldn't complain about a night or two in a luxury hotel, but the more you time you spend with locals the more of a "feel" you get for the "real" city where you are.



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