Thursday, 23 August 2007

how about galoshes?

I'm a big fan of practical yet stylish stuff. So how about galoshes?

Swims are practical, stylish and Norwegian. On the website you can read the story behind the product, and also see more elegant photos and design. There's even a shop. It's a pity swims are only made for men.


  1. astrid, this concept for shoes are genius! you know even though they are "mens only" i would don a pair of the (second pic) green ones in a jiffy, i think it could be pulled off! :)

    p.s. i've heard so many things about croatia, it's actually on my list of many places to visit in that part of the i really look forward to when you share your film, <3.

  2. I love all those cute rainboots you saw last winter (at least in NYC)...I hope they'll get them in the shops again for this winter!!

  3. I love reading your blog and enjoyed a vicarious travel experience via your Croatia pics and blog entries. I also wanted to note that you probably can find galoshes like this in women's sizes. My feet are way too small to ever fit into any footwear intended for men, and while I often find a great pair of men's sneakers, I sadly can't find them in my size. What I wanted to say was that I used to ride horses and had a pair of galoshes to wear over my boots when it was muddy that looked a lot like the ones you posted (but they were black). A tack store might have a very similar product.

  4. oh i just love golashes!!! :)



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