Tuesday, 17 July 2007

pure style

One of my favorite sites online is Jane Cumberbatch's Pure Style. I'm sure may of you already know of the site and Cumberbatch's lovely books. The website says that the DNA of Pure Style is: "Romantic, inexpensive, natural, simple spaces, functional, easy feasts, homemade, thrifty, timeless, cool, country, family, going green, modern..." To me this is just perfect! The photo above was e-mailed to me a little while ago as a newsletter. PS: Click the image to view it larger.


  1. such a nice idea... i didn't know the website. thanks!

  2. thanks for the links! i too didn't know of the website. i love jane cumberbatch's "pure style." i also have her book "sew easy." both are wonderful.



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