Thursday, 19 July 2007

breakfast and faces

The weekend is here. I hope the week treated you well, and that you will enjoy some lazy breakfasts during the weekend (you know I love breakfasts). Some rise and shine inspiration from Red magazine might give you some ideas (photo above, click the photos to view them larger). Even though my week has been busy with work, I'm slowly getting into the holiday mood. So, I had a look in my archives and found this holiday breakfast photo from the island of Hvar, Croatia (top photo).

Friday Flickr Favorites. I think photographing people - and their faces - is hard. It depends so much on the person you photograph. Here are some great people photos I have faved:
singing and playing guitar
Analivia en la cocina


  1. can't wait to check out your flickr faves. happy weekend!

  2. Thanks for your remind. I will try to enjoy my weekend breakfast!!

    have a nice weekend~

  3. faces are definitely hard.

    not quite sure if you have come across this, but 'stpiduko' does a lovely job.



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