Tuesday, 12 June 2007

To the offices

Hei friends

Thanks a lot for your support yesterday. I really appreciate it. I do.

I must say I feel a bit of pressure with this blog. It makes me think "does the Internet really need an other blog?". Yes, it's a cliche question, but it's inevitable. I want it to be really good, but I'm not quite sure how I will make it really good.

As we all know, all journeys start with small steps. This is my second post and the second day of my blog. So far I have decided one thing (which maybe will contribute to making this a good blog): I will post every day, as long as I'm not out travelling or in other ways don't have access to a PC and Internet.

To the offices is what the sign in the photo reads. It's from a cafe in Skostredet in Bergen called Capello. It's an excellent place for pancakes and milkshake. To the offices means work. Time to work on upcoming articles (I'm a writer) and on how to make this a blog you want to come back and visit - every day!

So long!


  1. hei astrid! i love your new blog and can't wait to read your musings about food, photography...and life in norway :)
    i started several attemps in blogging myself but i'm not really a writing person and i just can't keep up with it...but i'm a avid reader :)

  2. hi Astrid,
    i'm excited about reading your blog too, what a great idea to accompany your beautiful photos.
    (Australian_Overanalyzer on flickr)

  3. Oh i need a milkshake now,there's just something nostalgic about them.

  4. I think you already have the best things to keep us following your blog. Good writing, photography and blogging daily! Wow, such conviction -I am so glad to have found your blog.

  5. you´re doing a great job!!
    I deleted the first three months of my blog because the post were so horrible ;)



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