Thursday, 14 June 2007

Small space living

I love the idea of small space living. There's no room for nonfunctional objects and mess. The coffee table should double as a stool when there's guests around. The bed should be built high to make room for storage underneath. Hang shelves on the walls to free floor space. Go Cubic (quote IKEA a couple of years ago)! I know what I'm talking about, because Sølve (my boyfriend) and I lived for 3 years in an apartment that was 30 square meter (that's 323 square feet). It's really quite tiny, but it worked really well because everything was very functional.

Small space living is also good for the environment. Do you really need a 300 square meter (3223 square feet) house? There's so much stuff to fill it up with, and so much space you don't really use - except for storage of things you don't use very often. And then there's the costs with heating and maintaining. Sustainable living and architecture is, in my opinion, a very good thing.

Tumbleweed Houses (via the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten online) is one approach. The photos shown here (bottom) is from a really tiny home, that is less than 10 square meter (107 square feet).

Michelle Kaufmann Designs is an other approach (via Stephanie aka stephanie-sas on Flickr). Such elegant, simple and functional design. I love it!

What's your opinion on small space living?

I'm going to Scotland for a couple of days. I'll be back posting on Wednesday next week. Have a great weekend! Btw, I was at a arts and crafts market yesterday and I found the most beautiful cup I've seen. I'll take some photos and show it to you soon.

Ciao friends!

Oh! I nearly forgot. Now that I've entered blogland, I will also join in on Friday Flickr Favorites. As of today, Friday June 15, I have 2144 favorites on Flickr. I'm going back to the beginning of my Flickr time (two years ago) and see what I liked then (and that I still like).

Fields of Gold by my friend Andy who introduced me to both Sting and Flickr

early morning - urban landscapes can be beautiful
better.half - such a beautiful girl and portrait
praia do castelo - the simplicity of this photo has inspired me ever since I saw it
In mother's arms - so real and natural


  1. ...yes, small space living is challenging [but good]....mind you, I just end up filling my space too full anyway! :/

    Oooh, Scotland [home] - where are you going to visit!? I am sure you will have a lot of fun :)

  2. I was looking through flickr favourites recently and funnily I looked at yours and noted how your choices have evolved. I think the same has happened with my flickr favourites and also my blog over time - it is interesting to look back and see the changes!

  3. congratulations on your new blog, astrid! :^D

    we designed our home so we could make the most out of our space. i can't say it's small, although it's not the overinflated underinspired space that is usual in my area (midwest, U.S.A.). we have no set "rooms" so each area of the house can function as we need it to in whatever phase of life. our kitchen is tiny and open. etc.

    i love small space design and collected several architecture books on the subject while we researched for our home. the idea of maximizing your use of each space, multipurpose space, etc., is applicable to larger homes as well, making them more flexible and more livable.

  4. hei astrid, have you heard of andrea zittel? her small space living and art is really inspiring to me. i have been thinking and writing about her a lot lately, especially now that i've confined my life to a few suitcases of belongings.

  5. I remember a time when I also thought "I love the idea of small space living. There's no room for nonfunctional objects and mess."

    now that I have bought a very large mobilke home, i realise that it doesn't always work out that way, i seem to be collecting even more 'found' scraps and art materials.

    but one, day, one day it will look more like the photo's you showed here .

    enjoy Scotland, sorry we are only offering you wet weather for most of your visit.

  6. I love small space living, and personally have a fondness for the wee house and alchemy architect designs.

  7. I love the creativity that has to go into planning an effective small living space.

    Sometimes I wish I lived in a big, open house with floor to ceiling glass windows, but given that I live in NYC, I'll probably be living in tiny studios for years to come!

  8. Hi, I am visiting via Abigail's blog..

    I am absolutely in love with Michelle Kaufman's designs. I can't wait until her designs can be retrofitted for Canadian winters.

    I too am completely intrigued by small space living. It's a constant challenge of also not accumulating "stuff", something that I am constantly working on.

    A friend of mine did this incredible small space design.

    It made me realize that you don't have to compromise on design when you go small.

  9. Oops! That link doesn't work.

    It's the galley house.

  10. Hi Astrid,

    a few years ago i lived in a very small space and i found it quite lovely, and while things can get cluttered I loved the closeness of everything.
    I am new to blogging also and have loved reading yours. Congratulations.

  11. Hi Astrid,

    I've admired your photos on flickr for a while now and I'm delighted to see the addition of your blogs. I too love Michelle Kaufman's design and got to walk through a model home of hers recently. It was beautiful.



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