Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Planet City

One of the things I write about as a professional writer is design. All kinds of design, but I think my favorite is Scandinavian - and especially Norwegian - product and furniture design. This is one of the things I want to share with you here on my blog.

Today I'll present two Norwegian design classics. The chairs City and Planet, both by the Norwegian furniture manufacturer Fora Form.

City was designed by Øivind Iversen in 1954, in 2006 it was relaunched. The chair was his master's degree at the arts and craft school (Kunsthåndverksskolen). He worked his whole life as a architect of interior and buildings, and City was the only piece of furniture he ever developed. City is, in my opinion, a beautifully designed molded plywood chair, well worth comparison with similar chairs like Danish Arne Jacobsen's series 7 chair.

Planet is another chair by Fora Form. It was designed in 1965 by the Norwegian product designer Sven Ivar Dysthe, and relaunched in 2002. This round swivel armchair was said to be the introduction of pop art in Norwegian furniture design.

By the way, you can get a similar chair at IKEA (Skurvsta shown in black here). It's cheaper and quite comfortable (I know because I have one myself), but is it as elegant as Planet? No, I don't think so.

So long!
Photos from Fora Form and IKEA.
PS: I must learn how to make the text and photo layout look better. Why does it look nice in the preview and than it looks weird when I publish it? I also have to learn how to get the lines and spaces to co-operate. *making annoyed Marge sound*


  1. Astrid - mail me if you want someone to look at your blog code. I might be able to make the lines and spaces co-operate.

    I like hearing about design, especially chairs :)))

  2. Hei Astrid!
    Så artig at du skriver om Planet. Eg er i frå bygda der stolen blir produsert. Eg har også skreve ei oppgåve om denne stolen ved Kunst- og handverkstudiet. I den anledning besøkte eg Fora Form og fikk sjå korleis den var laga. Veldig flott stol!

  3. Charlotte - I e-mailed you :-)

    anonym - Så artig sammentreff. Jeg har veldig sansen for Planet - og mye annet Fora Form lager, og andre ting Sven Ivar Dysthe har formgitt. Det blir nok mer skriverier om den slags her. Takk for besøket :-)

  4. Heisann Astrid,

    grattis med blogg! Jeg skal legge den inn i lista mi :-)

    Begynte på en blogg en gang jeg og, men det blei med den ene posten... Får se hva som skjer hvis jeg får tid til litt fotografering igjen snart :-)

    Hilsen Espen

  5. Hello:)

    I came here to your blog via flickr group. This is a great blog! Thanks and congrats. There is no typography on the internet mostly because everyone has different type preferences on their browser. By using Cascading Style Sheets and XHTML you might get some control, but don't loose sleep over this. Scandinavian design is wonderful and I look forward to knowing all about it from you. Saludos from Mejico :)

  6. I notice when I add photos to my blogger posts, I sometimes have trouble with linespacing too. I will often write all the text in Word, make sure it has the proper line spacing, and then paste the text into my blog. Sometimes I have to go back and forth several times to get it to go but I can usually get it right after some trial and error.

    Congrats on the blogs! I've followed you on flickr for quite a while and always enjoy your sunny presence.

  7. hei astrid, this must be the most looking comfortable chair i've seen. :)

  8. I really enjoy your posts on norwegian designs!!!
    of course I love chairs too :)



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