Thursday, 21 June 2007

My favorite cup

Remember I told you about the arts and crafts market last week? This is the cup I mentioned. I simply love it! The combination of the flowers and the elephants is perfect! And I love the uneven shape. It's made by Sarah Reed. The website is in Norwegian, but there's lots of photos of her work there.

At the same market I also came across Snella & Petronella, who makes buttons in porcelain. The website is in Norwegian, and there's no photos there. I was told it's under construction. The buttons were really cute!


  1. That *is* the perfect cup and saucer. Hooray for the little elephants :)

  2. I love it tooo!
    Really beautiful.

  3. Thanks for the link to Sarah Reed's website. Her ceramics are gorgeous!

  4. Those cups are just darling. I like the uneveness-thanks for the links.

  5. i totally agree with your the flowers and the elephant is a perfect combination! Happy weekend.

  6. alla kopparna ser ju jättefina ut, fantastiskt!

  7. Elephants in a circle in a cup; perfection!

    Glad to have discovered your blog.

    see you, grache



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