Monday, 25 June 2007

more NORD love

Yay! The second issue of the Norwegian food magazine NORD is out (I first wrote about it here). It's as beautiful and inspiring as the first issue. What I really love about this magazine (apart from the things I've already mentioned) is that the articles focus on the people first, then the recipes. Mav of port2port said it reminds her of the American food magazine Gourmet, and I agree.

A couple of mini tastes from the magazine, starting with the second photo from the top:

- Jæren, a farming area close to where I come from, has great food with tastes of both the fertile ground and the salty sea
- Smorgasbord is perfect with a cold, summer beer
- Summer in the great outdoors
- BBQ party for all your friends

Tomorrow I'll introduce you to another magazine.


  1. lovely. i like this magazine a lot. is it a monthly publication

  2. it's being published six times a year.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I loved the photos you posted on flickr of the first mag-and this one seems just as great. Looking forward to the next one...

  4. It looks like such a beautiful magazine - I'm going to seek it out in London!

  5. lottie, i don't think you can get it anywhere else than in norway. i'll talk to the editor and advice her to publish international ;-)

  6. oh, looks like another lovely issue. those drinks in the bottom picture look very good!

  7. ooh yes, that would be great, astrid!

  8. Love the food photography, beautiful!



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