Friday, 22 June 2007


Today I want to introduce you to some of my favorite Norwegian fashion designers.

The top photo is from Ida Gullhav's website. She is Norway's only specialized underwear designer, making highly sensual garments for him and her. The website is really cute and girly (lots of pink), and has lots of photos of her work.

The second photo is from So Hee's summer collection. I love the colors, the shapes, the textiles and the details of her clothes. See more photos on her website.

The third photo is from Arne & Carlos' (also pink) website. The couple lives in a disused railway station and some of their inspiration come from Dolly Parton and origami. I love their quirky, almost kitch style. Bonus: There is an online shop!

Now my Friday Flickr Favorites (I'm still digging in my favorites archive):

Figs in Bowl by MatthewA. This was the first of Matt's photos I faved, and I've been in love with his photos even since.

untitled by redskynight. This was one of the first Polaroid shots I faved, and it was the beginning of my love of these kind of photos. I still haven't taken a single Polaroid shot myself. I should do something about that!

skin I by jayjuice. I found her photo stream very early when I started Flickr, and I still very much enjoy coming back.

moving train by floresita. I love the fashion shot feeling and the grain works very well.

beds by my little sister Mari, aka Frosk. I'm so proud of my sister! She has such great style and she's a big inspiration for me. Her whole photo stream is a joy watching and I have so many faves there!


  1. I work at a fashion magazine in NYC, and it's always fun to see upstart designers from other countries!! I particularly like the second designer-- So Hee. I think she strikes the perfect balance between classic and modern.

  2. I like the top photo (Ida Gullhav).



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