Friday, 29 June 2007

the bike basket

I ride my sporty off road bike to the office every day. The bike works very well, but what I really want is an old fashioned girly bike with a basket from Design House Stockholm.

The designer Marie-Louise Gustafsson selected the ornate material as it reminded her of the Swedish crochet tablecloths on which her grandmother used to serve afternoon tea. The bike basket also doubles as a shopping basket.

I forgot it's already Friday! So, here's my Friday Flickr Favorites:
IMG_1016 beautiful colors and composition
Kitten I looove kittens!
green bag 2 I think this is one of the first of simply photo's photos I faved. Now her photostream is one of my favorites on Flickr.
boat for rent beautiful soft colors
balloons! I love everything about this photo!


  1. I can image how wonderful is to ride a great bike on the road. old fashion lady bike with a basket... great!! I wish I can ride it to office every day!!

  2. I love this - I've been eyeing it up in the Design House Stockholm concession in London... The problem is, I have no bike at the moment!

  3. Only last night was I thinking about sewing beautiful basket liners for bicycle baskets!!

    Such great minds... And I have a book on minimal japanese homes called Space I think. I so owe you an email Astrid!!

    Have a fun weekend you lucky summerthings :)

  4. I love the bike basket, it makes a standard bike look like designer chic.

  5. hej astrid, jag verkligen gillar din blog.
    here some weekend inspiration:
    there is this other very designy blog I really like - swissmiss

  6. I ride my bike everyday to work as well! I've seen baskets at the market, but none as nice as this one.
    How great would it be to throw in the goodies I get at the market as well as a bunch of tulips, and peddle home.

  7. I want a bike like that with a great little basket!

    But it would definately be out of place in NYC. People here seem to think that all bikes need to be the kind that can ride up Mt Everest with ease...

  8. no reason why a girl can't have two bikes! i think you should get one.
    i have one and i love it!

  9. Did you see the photos of Joy's home on design*sponge? She had that basket-in white-- I think she had placed on the side of her work table, for fabric scraps... lovely.



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