Thursday, 23 June 2016

life, week 24

Because a stroll in the sun is always a good idea, especially to chase away gloomy minds.

oh summer // forever inspired by nature

one of my favorite summer flowers

We finally got a waffle iron and I'm hooked.

evening beach stroll with the bestest M

this place

9 months today // oh the endless clutter

Eating liver paté from the box whilst watching "Let it go". Afternoon good times with my 4,5 year old.

So happy to see these two together again.

The cutest tiger came home with me today.

these two 

8:15 am nap time pram walk // why bother with a blanket

home alone at my parents' place - well, no parents but plus (sleeping) kids

this guy

Sometimes it is ok to be inside and watch a movie even though it is a beautiful evening outside. Especially when the rest of the house and garden are a complete mess because of pappa's office summer party last night.

- - -

Week 24: June 13-19


Saturday, 18 June 2016

things I like lately

from the May film of my a roll of film a month project // Kodak Gold 200, Minolta SRT 101

- the sound Sverre often makes when he is about to fall asleep
- the smell of sun warm pine
- the first foxglove of the season
- finding a note on a lamppost that said "be happy" and later finding a note on a tree that said "you are awesome"
- finding new routes for my nap time pram walks
- fields of buttercups and daisies and other summer flowers (that I wish I knew the names of)
- a field of grassing ducklings and ducks
- strong coffee after a nap
- canned tuna and avocado (mashed and mixed with fresh ground pepper, lemon juice and sesame seeds) on toast
- observing Sverre when he - very focused - picks up a small piece of bread from the table and puts it in his mouth
- waffles with rolled oats
- an evening beach walk with my friend M
- a visit from our dear friends from Bergen - including Hama
- watching Pharell Williams' Happy with Sara
- parenting boredom
- happy
- IKEAs coming collaboration with HAY and Tom Dixon
- SnapKollektivet seems promising (I'm not on Snapchat though)
- takksam for just no

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- adjusting to Sverre's new routine of two naps instead of three
- an overtired baby who refuses to nap


Thursday, 16 June 2016

life, week 23

The light drizzle decorated all the spiderwebs with tiny water diamonds. A pretty sight on my 0640 am nap time pram walk. #upsince5am

I hurried passed, but noticed the little buds from the corner of my eye, so I returned to take in the understated beauty. 

Tuesday kindergarten bbq party

They frolicked for a good while, even though the water was rather cold. She was so proud to show the pool to her kindergarten friend. 


Friday! And other things I like lately - especially the part where I got a job

but first coffee // always during baby nap time 

He has just started exploring with his finger like this. So sweet!

Saturday furniture browsing // dream sofa

sunny Sunday vitamin C

baby nap time time out // hekta #skam


- - -

Week 23: June 6-12

Friday, 10 June 2016

things I like lately

from my Longleat Forest archives // Fuji Velvia 50, Canon EOS 500N

- I GOT A JOB!! I'll be teaching English and Norwegian at a local high school
- Sverre has started clapping
- the first daisies of the season
a first apartment in Boerum Hill
- seeing how much fun Sara has with her kindergarten friends - we have had afternoon visitors two times this week
- season 2 of Grace and Frankie on Netflix
- strawberries with powdered sugar and vanilla ice cream
- strong coffee with a dash of full fat milk
- Sverre's babbling; mamamamama, bababababa
- milestone: Sverre is eating tiny pieces of bread (with liver paté) without choking
- our tomato plants are blooming
- the ever inspiring 3191 Miles Apart

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- Sverre is still not moving forward and seems very frustrated about it - he rotates and moves backwards though
- those never-ending 5 am wake ups
- our visit to my sister and her family in Tromsø this weekend is not happening due to several possible strikes - luckily we were able to rebook the flights (for free!) for a different weekend

Thursday, 9 June 2016

life, week 22

summer rain made prettier with summer flowers

He took a 1,5 hour nap instead of the usual 30 minutes - which gave me a whole hour of a much needed, unexpected nap. #upsince5am

Morning good bye ritual in kindergarten: wave and make faces through the window. Sverre is in the Ergo carrier - super excited to see his sister.

second // in the clouds 

nap time lake walk, summer edition

kissing/eating his reflection - the cutest thing! 

18 years anniversary, Sølve style // he's a keeper for sure

a 6:15 am good morning to you // also, hei June

that phase

What?! You haven't heard of under chair hockey? 

mamma snack // baby snack 

thunderstorm day 

because there is light on gloomy days too // and in gloomy minds

early birds catches the 5 am sun // good morning, peeps

Stå med begge føttene på bakken. Hold balansen. Plasser en ball på hodet.

Friday 6 pm, 27c and a promise of ice cream for supper

GT al fresco 

Saturday 0530 am // at least there is sun

to the beach // oh summer


One of the best things about being back in the Stavanger region - the beautiful beaches. And the cold waters...

Finally this is happening again! Bubbly in the sun with my girl M whilst the husbands cook dinner and the kids (all five of them) are asleep. 

Eating ice cream in their pyjamas, impatiently waiting for the pool to get a little less ice cold. The things you do when best friends sleep over.

oh summer

lunch in the shade of the plum tree // first of the season 

- - - 

Week 22: May 20 - June 5


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