Thursday, 30 October 2014

life, week 43


blodsukkerstimulering // after a long work day 

the end // can I have a nap now, please?

waiting for parent teacher conference // one down, five to go // classroom view // stick season is getting closer // there will be wine at the end of the day

weekend working - what else is new?

the pancake monster is more than ready for pappa's birthday breakfast

an early birthday present made by the loveliest Ingvild in Bergen - love her little Vetle Eple brand

I made pasta! As mentioned before, I don't cook much these days, so it was really nice to put on that apron again for some proper (birthday dinner) cooking.

Who knew a couple of new toothbrushes and a grocery store shopping cart car could be SO much fun!?

That autumn color! Does anyone know the name of this tree? It looks a lot like rowanberry, but it isn't.

his birthday wish; digging company // our house renovation, week 8

- - -

Week 43: October 20-26

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

our house renovation, week 8

Time to put the paving stones back. So glad to see the from door area become proper and tidy again.

Lots of progress with the walls and roof in the basement suite; not quite done yet though.

Still very happy with how the terrace turned out. Also still discussing whether or not to put slate tiles (or something else) on top of it. Slightly polishing the concrete might be an option. I like how the concrete and the shape of the terrace make the house look a bit more modern.

Curious to see how the new windows for this wall will turn out.

All he wanted for his birthday was for me to help him dig that huge pile of wet soil and rocks. So I did. I got absolutely totally beat and he got happy. Note to self: need more exercise, less chocolate

Remember that huge window I mentioned last week? Here it is! We LOVE how it turned out!

Need to order the staircase soon.

My little under stairs office to be plus lots of natural light from the huge window.

Lots of progress in the basement living room. Bathroom to the right, stairs to the main floor plus my little office to the left.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

life, week 42

Tuesday 8:30 am

9:30 pm microwave dinner - at least it is lovely homemade salmon dish made by my mother-in-law

early morning road tripping - Stord bound // ferry view

completely smitten by this Japanese maple in the am

still completely smitten in the pm

HSH in all its autumn glory

that blue

HSH campus neighbourhood - oh so pretty

student life: burgers and quiz

autumn view from our temporary bedroom

Sunday work space 

- - -

Week 42: October 13-19


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