Saturday, 25 March 2017

things I like lately

hotel room breakfast, Crillon le Brave style // from the 2009 honeymoon archives

So, life happened and nearly three weeks has passed since I last posted here. You know the drill; busy days at work, busy afternoons with the kids, exhausted by 9 pm, then you go away for the weekend and in the end there is no time to blog. These weeks has not been all good busy, but lets rather focus on the opposite. There has been plenty of things to like lately!

- biking to work
- a weekend in Prague with the best of friends
- plenty of time to talk and catch up with said friends
- trdelník with vanilla ice cream
- traditional Czech duck confit with red cabbage and potato gratin
- sleeping in
- time to enjoy a delicious hotel breakfast
- shopping at Cos - a favorite!
- a couple of new lipsticks; L'Absolu Rouge 172 Impatiente (orange red) and 378 Rose Lancôme (pink - a little bit outside my comfort sone)
- feeling (kind of) motivated to go back to project #Iquitsweettreats
- a weekend at the (tiny) mountain cabin with our friends and their three kids - it was crammed but so much fun
- observing that the pappa got a sudden urge to tidy his daughter's room (So. Much. Needed. Always.)
- getting a sudden hit of energy in the evening to make cauliflower soup (made with pork knuckle stock and yellow lentils - so tasty!) for next day's dinner plus do a big load of laundry
- seeing how much Sverre loved said soup - he even preferred it to sausage, which he usually loves
- Sara has discovered the joy of audiobooks - such a great substitute for the iPad (although she prefers the latter)
- bird song in the morning (I do like being woken up at 5 am though)
- observing Sverre discover crocus in the lawn - such a sweet sight
- baby cuddles with nephew H (3 months old)
- hanging out with my darling sister and her family
- bedtime reading for Sara - she is currently hooked on the Detektivbyrå nr. 2 series
- tulips galore in the living room
- brighter mornings

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- realising that the foundation I got recommended in the duty free shop is wrong shade for my skin (high score for first world problem)
- being woken up at 5 am way too often
- I have taken too few photos these last few weeks - I don't like when the busyness of life takes away my photo mojo

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

life, week 9

he asked if I needed something from ikea // #iquitsweettreats - apparently not...

early spring contrast

"I don't want a pink pyjamas, mamma, I want the Lightning McQueen one!"

post playdate find // even t-rex got tucked in for the night

Hei from the home office!

Hoping that this little planner thingy will help us get into the swing of planning dinners again. We used to be so good at it

That feeling when you have just finished grading 55 student paper 🙌🏻 Also, change of scene for the win. Dear University reading room, I like you a lot.

The 8 am reward for the 0430 am wake up call. Note to self: make sure Sverre eats a proper supper to (hopefully) avoid such early wake ups. "Mamma! Nam, nam!"

Thank you so much @guldtjej! Little mr S loves it. #brigittebaldrian

I absolutely love seeing how her drawing skills - and fantasy - evolves! Also, dinosaurs for the win - still.

- - - 

Week 9: February 27 - March 5


Monday, 6 March 2017

our micro winter break

When your mamma and wife is a Norwegian (the subject, not the nationality) teacher with piles of grading to do, one night at the mountain cabin is all the winter break you get. It was shot, but good. Just what our little family needed.

PS: thoughts on visiting - and not visiting - our beloved mountain cabin

Friday, 3 March 2017

things I like lately

a red berries smoothie from the film archives // Kodak Portra 160vc, Canon EOS 500N

- homemade smoothie (it has been a while) with mango, banana, orange juice and carrot juice
- catching up with a big group of our best friends last weekend
- getting a tour (and a sleepover) of our friends' freshly built house on an islet outside Bergen - the architect and our friends have done such a great job; the house is fantastic!
- seeing how excited Sverre was to meet our friends' dog Hama (a gorgeous shiba inu)
- Mariell's kitchen garden project
- blog updates from my favorite bloggers
- catching up on my funny eye - btw, we hung out a hot afternoon in Soho/London seven years ago (has it been that long already?!)
- life in a tiny apartment: tip #149 use what's useful
- provencepølser og italiensk landpølse fra Grøstad (tasty sausages)
- five tips for managing the crazy
- the way Sverre grabs my hand and walks me over to something he wants or wants to show me
- the way Sverre smiles and claps his hands when he gets something he wants
- I finished grading the pile of 55 student papers last night *praise hands emoji*
- I had the best sleep in this morning - and was woken up by a cup of coffee

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- trying to balance work, studies and family life - at times it is way too stressful (there are tears, shouting and arguments - it's not pretty)
- realising too late that a different approach to the task would have been much more effective and hence saved a lot of time

Thursday, 2 March 2017

life, week 8

Enjoying a bit of sun and rest whilst the sick toddler naps.

The new to us table - borrowed from my parents - is a very welcome addition to our living room. It's actually the first time we have a proper coffee table; so far we have used a couple of old, wooden stools and vintage nesting tables. I see now that a bigger table has other uses that the group of small tables don't have.

confetti on the school steps // hver dag er en fest // hverdagsfest

Still under the weather. Grandma to the rescue and then a bit of Timmy Time ("baaa") during witching hour. Mamma is happy for the switch from Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood.

So happy to run off a tiny bit of the cabin fever. Not at all interested in getting in the car to pick up Sara from kindergarten. I'm so glad he likes to be outdoors. 

I got spoilt with flowers. Again.

9 pm bedtime #exhausted

winter break west coast style

A little road trip tip from me to you: I always have a roll of plastic bread bags in the glove compartment of the car, because somehow we always manage to produce heaps of garbage during a road trip. 

the best of friends // the most beautiful house

This makes my heart explode. And it makes me contemplate when is the best time to get a dog pal for our dog loving little boy. 

freshly planted // he just couldn't wait any longer // I love that my husband loves gardening 

Sure not very pretty, with the flash and all, but oh so yummy. Roasted vegetables (always a winner), mushroom garlic avocado "sauce" and hotdogs from Grøstad - one with Provence spices and one with Italian spices. 

- - -

Week 8: February 20-26


Wednesday, 1 March 2017

little moments // home office day

It's my winter break and I spend my days grading a big (digital) pile of student papers. Oh the life of a teacher. Rather randomly I got inspired to pick up my Canon 40D during one of my breaks. I really should use it more often! And yes, it's easy to get distracted whilst working at home - yet it was a productive day.


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