Wednesday, 25 March 2015

a photo an hour

A photo an hour (almost) on a regular early spring Tuesday (March 24, 2015).

6:20 am: Normally I have to wake her around 7 am, but this Tuesday she woke me up before my 6: 25 am alarm. She found the bathroom too cold, so she got comfortable under her baby duvet with Frozen on the iPad whilst I showered and got dressed.

7 am: I spilled coffee on my dress and had to change. Packed lunch and coffee for the drive to work are ready though.

8 am: I managed to get to work in time for the morning meeting - which rarely happens these days. The morning schedule between 7 and 8 am is pretty tight; getting a three year old ready for kindergarten and drop her off can be quite a challenge time wise. She does not seem to understand the concept of "hurry up, mamma needs to get to work".

9 am: My first class on Tuesdays is at 9 am, so I spent the first hour of my work day grading English papers. 

11:20 am: Two classes of Norwegian with my 8th graders and then lunch break patrol (not sure if this is the right expression). My assigned patrol areas on Tuesdays are the sports hall and the hallway. I prefer my Thursday library patrol duty.

Noon: Spent the rest of the day mostly grading papers plus taught a history class at the end of the day. And then there were a few parent-teacher conferences. Only three classes to teach on Tuesdays, which leave me with lots of time to do other teacher stuff. I like my work Tuesdays.

4 pm: Home! And a happy surprise from my mother-in-law; mini daffodils by the front door. I guess she got tired of seeing the very dead pelargoniums.

5 pm: Sølve came home early, so we got a chance to have dinner as a family. Spaghetti with tomato sauce (made Monday evening instead of working on a paper that is due Friday), minced meat and grated parmesan cheese. Always a winner in this family!

5:30 pm: Got a sudden craving for beans. Happy to have this kind of food thoughts again after half a year of hardly any cooking.

7 pm: I took a much needed nap...

...after which I found some lovely light in the living room...

...and a happy toddler helping her father in the garden. 

8 pm: While Sølve took care of getting Sara to bed, I tried my best to work on that paper that is due Friday.

9 pm: Super tired and already so fed up with the paper! Working full time and being a part time student is not a walk in the park. Time to get things ready for the morning.

10 pm: Sølve is off to Svalbard for work (lucky him!) and does his usual late night packing. I'm the opposite; I always make sure to pack my things early.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Paris // the yellow film, part I

March 2014, unknown slide film, Canon EOS 500N

A year ago Sølve and I were in Paris with a couple of our dearest friends. Needless to say, it was as perfect as Paris in spring can be. The only thing I was not at all happy about, was the slide film that  got ruined during development. I got the impression it was so ruined that it was discarded of, but then suddenly it reappeared! As you can see from the yellow color tone, it has indeed been ruined in the development process, but all the motifs and memories are still there. So, here you are; Paris in yellow, part I of III.

- - -

Paris on iPhone // Paris on film (that is not yellow) // things I like lately - Paris edition

Monday, 23 March 2015

life, week 12

Painting made with a fork in kindergarten, and Elsa. Yes, that Elsa

Possibly the best way to start the week: leftover homemade sodd (a traditional meat and vegetables soup from the Trøndelag area) for dinner

Ice cream in the sun on the terrace - on Sara's request. I love that she loves being outside!

the parent-teacher conferences are on // one down, 21 to go

wednesday afternoon nephew playtime

Morning conversation with a three year old: "We have to get ready for kindergarten now, Sara." "No, I have the day off, because it's so foggy and we can't see."

solar eclipse at Randaberg // weather fail

The basement living room is ready for its first guests. So are the proud house owners.

The best kind of weekend brunch - including house guests.

And then we had this for breakfast dessert.

She had visitors and they played with everything, and then some.

An Easter chicken in the bathroom. Why not?! I love these kind of signs of her. 

weekend sun light

weekend working // tilpasset opplæring vs. spesialundervisning

So happy to see this furry friend again!

- - -

Week 12: March 16-22

Saturday, 21 March 2015

things I like lately

The simple, big vase from IKEA is perfect for the forsythia branches.

- Famapa's new portfolio website - love her blog too! (fun fact: we got aquatinted via Flickr and met in London in 2010)
- Charlott Pettersen's blog
- Brooklyn apartment tour
- lots of help from my mother-in-law this week whilst I worked late (parent-teacher conferences)
- my mother-in-law brought forsythia branches from their garden - they are so bright and yellow
- my mother brought pots of mini daffodils
- Wednesday afternoon dinner at my parents' place - Atlantic halibut with boiled potatoes, carrots and Sandefjordsmør (a sauce made of cream, butter and parsley) - yum!
- Wednesday afternoon playtime with my nephew (four months old)
- sodd leftovers from my nephews baptism (a traditional meat and vegetables soup from the Trøndelag area)
- cake leftovers (also from my nephew's baptism) all week
- eating ice cream in the sun on the terrace - Sara's request
- Rugsprø Original with Norvegia fyldig cheese - for ever and ever!
- red nails
- dear friends from Bergen are visiting this weekend - including Hama
- a reason to use the vintage champagne glasses from Paris
- a new dark blue linen blouse
- the feeling when the lumbago let go
- finding a roll of film (scanned, on my Mac) from Paris that I have not yet shared with you (coming soon) - which reminds me; I really should dig out my film camera again - have hardly touched it since we moved from Bergen
- Greek yoghurt with Crüsli solfrokost and honey

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- another working weekend - new paper due Friday
- a week of lumbago
- the pile of IKEA cabinets that needs to be assembled

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

post hike lunch: Hella

Kodak Ektar 100, Canon EOS 500N

After our little hike up Ørnfløya, we grilled hot dogs at Hella, Kvaløya. Even though this was the end of June, it was pretty cold - around 6 degrees Celsius. Hats and layers of wool were very welcome! Apparently this is a really good spot for fishing. There was so much fish it looked like the sea was boiling. I have never seen anything like it! Speaking of animals; on our drive out to Hella, was passed by both a reindeer and a mama moose with two calves. Cool!


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