Friday, 28 October 2016

things I like lately

Not my favorite kind of sweet treat, yet I always buy them whilst in Paris. More Paris/France blog posts here if you feel like a little Friday French Fling. // Kodak Portra 160vc, Canon EOS 500N

- birthday week! Sølve turned 38 on Wednesday, I'm 37 today and Sara turns 5 on Sunday!
- seeing how excited Sara is about her birthday - including the party with her kindergarten friends tomorrow
- Sverre slept until 7 am this morning - the best birthday gift he could ever give me!
- making waffles before 7 am - a birthday treat for Sølve
- macarons from the local bakery - so much better than expected (I find that macarons I buy here in Norway are often dry and dull)
- Sverre is getting more and more confident on his two little feet, though he is not yet officially a walker
- a walk on the beach
- clear blue skies and vivid yellow autumn leaves
- baked cod filet with bacon (the best combination!) and root vegetables mash with parmesan for dinner
- I'm done grading all student papers - for the moment; unfortunately this does not last for long
- a productive (and busy) work week
- Mövenpick chocolate ice cream
- catching up on Spilled Milk Podcast
- oh! (via Bleubird)

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- Sverre's constantly runny nose
- eating too much Mövenpick chocolate ice cream


Monday, 24 October 2016

life, week 41

freshly baked + autumn break 

new in // I like it, but not sure I like it here

here comes little brother trouble // the Lego table is in danger

post kindergarten play date // the scene of yet another lion king play

plum tree carpet // note to self: it's been a month since Sverre's garden party, time to remove those dead balloons 

Thursday work spot // grading student short stories // also: I decided that the rug is a keeper

Sometimes I buy beer for Sølve based on the look of the label. 

For some reason I find it deeply satisfying to stack the pantry.

mornings like this

Apparently I did it all wrong. This is Twilight, not Rainbow Dash.

The moment I look forward to the whole week: Sunday coffee in bed and uninterrupted reading time.

monochrome // autumn beach 

Sunday: first a walk on the windy beach, then first lamb shank dinner of the season

- - -

Week 41: October 10-16

Friday, 21 October 2016

things I like lately

breakfast at Åmot Operagard // Kodak Portra 400nc, Minolta SRT 101

- fall weeknight meal planning tips (I love posts like this!)
- learning that both "I was" and "I were" are correct
- I placed an order for our family Christmas cards (!) - I have NEVER been this early before! (the 50 % off discount at Elite Foto made me do it)
- the sunrise view from my desk at work
- hva jeg har lært
- a productive work week
- a slow Friday (that includes napping) after a busy week (I have a 80 % position and have Fridays off)
- I finally found a pair of simple brogue style shoes that fit and are comfortable (I'm 181 cm tall and have big feet - finding shoes that fit well is not easy)
- the first fire in the wood stove of the season
- if everything goes as planned we FINALLY have a working dishwasher again in a week - I can't believe how long this process has taken!
- seeing Sverre's love for his new stuffed dachs dog

- - -

Things I like lately

- dark rainy mornings - makes driving more demanding
- being too tired at bedtime to either read nor journal - I have managed to stay away from my phone though

Friday, 14 October 2016

things I like lately

from the last days of the lucky September summer weather // Kodak Portra 400, Minolta SRT 101

- Sverre is taking his first steps - I think we have a walker very soon
- autumn break
- Girls At Library (via A Cup of Jo)
- A Woodsy Cottage in New Hampshire
- this kids' chair with built in storage
- when my mother-in-law brings fertiliser for my orchids because she noticed they looked a bit sad
- rediscovering Kings of Convenience and Ane Brun's "Treehouse song"
- all the incredible autumn sun
- all the incredible autumn sun inside my house
- the sound of walking through dry autumn leaves
- pastel coloured morning skies
- frosty mornings and sunny days
- Michael McIntyre at the dentist - made me laugh out loud
- plans of having lamb shanks for Sunday dinner
- and plans of making butternut squash soup with sweet potato for dinner next week - inspired by draumfarir // PS: my recipe for butternut squash soup
- wild and free monkeys
- this new to me blog that is quickly becoming a new favorite (along with Practicing Simplicity and Reading My Tea Leaves): Cloistered Away
- on doing less
- stocking the pantry - for some reason I find this very satisfying // PS: my pantry essentials

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- during my autumn break week of working at home, I somehow got back to my bad eating habits of too much sweets and too little of real nutritional value
- having spent way too little time outside in the amazing autumn weather
- I have gotten back to the bad habit of checking my phone in bed after bedtime instead of reading and journaling



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