Tuesday, 19 August 2014

life, week 33

My mamma always sets the table for breakfast the evening before. For a couple of weeks now, she adds a third bowl. I usually eat in solitude though, my mamma and pappa are off early early. 

Monday morning: Taking in a few minutes of ocean air before the first day of my new job. Thankful for the gentle 10 am start. 

a nice little welcome gift

Just like that I'm back at it. Project #astridsdailyworkout started Monday with a rainy walk in the woods with my mamma.

We got up close and personal with the cows. They seemed to be hiding from the rain.

Tuesday version of #astridsdailyworkout: uphill intervals (mostly fast walking and some running) with my mamma 

end of work day lounging (whilst my mamma makes dinner - lucky me!)

end of summer wardrobe | not pictured: the rest of my clothes in moving boxes

everything is new to me - including Linux and Windows 8 | my head might explode

afternoon shadows and stripes at my parents' place

Thursday version of #astridsdailyworkout: a 6,5k fast walk in the woods with mamma (Wednesday's walk was about 7k; no photo though - too busy chatting with my girlfriend) 

the calm before the storm | school starts Monday

Bergen bound | ferry office

Good to see you mamma, she said and gave me the best hug ever.

my little grocery shopping assistant, so proud to have a handbag like her mamma | "vi har make, mamma!"

yummy yum at the Farmers Market 

Sunday breakfast

the packing continues - food is next in line

Stavanger/Sandnes/Randaberg bound | see you in a week Bergen

- - -

Week 33: August 11-17

Saturday, 16 August 2014

things I like lately

Agfa Precisa 100, Minolta SRT 101

- first week at my new job is completed and I survived. It was exhausting, chaotic but fun.
- all my new, very helpful colleagues 
- I have started my #astridsdailyworkout project again - feels so good!
- treating myself to new workout wear, including tights - I have been a bit skeptical before, but they are so comfortable
- Melshei (a forrest/park in Sandnes) - practically my parents' backyard 
- my first ever (since I was a kid at least) pair of sweatpants - oooh so comfortable yet a very guilty pleasure (sweatpants that are actually stylish)
- being taken good care of by my mamma and pappa (I stayed with them during the week and went back to Bergen for the weekend)
- this interview with Amanda Jane Jones
- I love wardrobe posts like this
- the color of rowan berries and heather - the color of late summer 
- a couple of glasses of bubbly and homemade pizza when I got home to Bergen Friday night after a long day at work followed by the 4,5 hours drive to Bergen
- the first thing Sara said to me when she saw me after a week apart: "Good to see you, mamma" and then she gave me the best hug ever
- Saturday afternoon at the Farmers Market (Bondens Marked) with the family, including red deer burgers and sweet buns with raspberry jam and custard 

- - -

things I don't like lately

- adjusting to a new job and the lack of mastery 
- spending a lot of time in the car (I'm not at all used to dealing with morning and afternoon rush hour)
- being away from Sara and Sølve all week (although it has been really good to just focus on the new job) 

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Evelyn shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Evelyn?

Film completely fascinates me the way it does magic with light, and without (in the darkroom). It is never boring; I enjoy the light leaks and lens flares, and I look forward to collecting my scans every single time. Most importantly, film has helped me to discover the beauty of the ordinary, and to appreciate the simple things in life.

You can see more of Evelyn's photos on her blog and Flickr

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Mallorca on film, part I

Agfa Precia 100 and Kodak Portra 160, Canon EOS 500N

Platja des Trenc, Platja de ses Covetes, a beach close to Palma and the Palma Aquarium.


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