Tuesday, 3 May 2016

life, week 17

granola no 5 I love you

For some reason it has been a month since my last pram walk around the lake. I know it has been this long because I like to log my walks via Runkeeper - which also makes me stay in touch with all my running friends, including my husband. I love these walks! So why a whole month since the last one?! Life with a baby can be pretty unpredictable.

sliding stairs 

0650 am nap time pram walk // at least there is sun

Voss bound // Sverre is napping, Sara is watching Frozen, Sølve is working and I'm drinking coffee

pit stop to check out the progress of our friends' house // house envy!!

0830 am nap time pram walk // vakre Vangsvatnet 

3:30 pm nap time pram walk // vakre Gråsida 

nap time view whilst listening to ingefær podcast // pene Prestegardsmoen 

yet another nap time pram walk // Prestegardsmoen ftw!

milestone: he can sit (sort of) in the pram 

season finale 

Sara was too eager to get in front of her cousin to pose for the photo

8:30 am nap time pram walk window shopping // chair envy! 

fika a la Ingvild - both aesthetically and tastily pleasing // those buns are to die for!

home bound via Dale for fika and play

and then a little more play with those friends with that house 

- - -

Week 17: April 25 - May 1

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

life, week 16

health centre check up day

6:45 am fleeting morning light wall decoration

Cheering myself up with ice cream whilst doing one of the things I really dread; make phone calls to try to get myself a new job. (This was also one of the worst things about being a freelancer back in the days.)

tickle, tickle, tickle

first of many // 0530 am is too early, Sverre

Ate too much ice cream, so trying to balance it out with a whole lot of fresh "sterkejuice" (strong juice), which Sara calls it (but she doesn't drink it - yet). Green juice: broccoli, spinach, kale, celery, carrot, apple, lemon and ginger. Red juice: orange, carrot, beetroot, lemon and ginger.

rainy day rhubarb rendezvous  

chilly morning nap time pram walk with very tired mamma // smiles make life better, right?

I finally finished my 2015 Blurb book

Had the roughest night with Sverre - and now snow in late April?! Let the day be filled with naps and chocolate!

Sverre is under the weather and all he wants is to sleep on me - like last night. Luckily this too shall pass.

because the light 

kinderegg collection for the win

The last couple of nights have been hard because of Sverre's cold. I'm preparing for another one of those by going to bed before 9 pm, leaving behind this mess and beautiful evening light.

- - - 

Week 16: April 18-24

Friday, 22 April 2016

things I like lately

Dreaming of more sleep this weekend. Sverre is a bit too demanding during night lately. // from the 2010 archives // Fuji Velvia 100F, 

- Greek yoghurt with granola, honey and passionfruit
- a Sunday morning lie in and coffee in bed - such blissful luxury!
- red finger nails - it has been a while
- tulips from Sølve and Sara
- mushroom risotto leftovers from Monday dinner
- an unexpected long and very much needed nap
- a weekend visit from my sister, her boyfriend and toddler son
- a mother-in-law who brings Monday dinner
- seeing how proud Sara is of her new bike
- the feeling of proper spring
- new glasses and prescription sunglasses
- hanging out at our friends' house and catching up with everyone - we were 25 all together, kids and adults
- seeing our garden come to life after the winter
- freshly baked bread with butter
- freshly made orange carrot juice
- our neighbour's rododendron is blooming - looking forward to seeing our different varieties bloom
- the first dandelion of the season
- I finally finished my 2015 Blurb book
- ingefær podcast
- homemade chocolate mousse - because it's Friday

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- my grandmother passed away - she was just a couple of months away from becoming 90 years old


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